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Spas & Water Features

  • External SpasRoman Spa With Spillway Under The Bridge Into The Pool
  • Water FeaturesIt's Special With Nighttime Lighting
  • Water FeaturesClassic Greek Water Fountain
  • Spa And FountainsStep Right In and Relax
  • Raised SpaOverflow Waterfall Into The Pool
  • In-The-Pool Spa Swim Up To It Or Cross The Bridge
External Spas1 Water Features2 Water Features3 Spa And Fountains4 Raised Spa5 In-The-Pool Spa6

Look at Our Spas
and Water Features

Spas, Waterfalls and Fountains offer an added dimension to your pool installation. They are exciting, and yet relaxing. They also add beauty to the overall pool scene.

Waterfalls and “spill-over” spas create a delightful atmosphere with their visual and audible effects. 

Water Fountains can be a part of an outdoor living space design, inconjunction with a pool, or as a free standing installation to enhance a landscaping design.

CRYSTAL POOL & SPA can build an integral spa as part of your gunite or vinyl pool. The gunite spas built with gunite pools can have a wide variety of shapes and looks, and they can be finished with the same decking materials used around the pool for an exceptional custom appearance. The fibergalss spa units we use with our vinyl pool installations can include spill-over waterfalls and coordinated colors.

Here are examples of our Custom Spas, Waterfalls and Water Features...
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Spas_&_Waterfalls_01 Spas_&_Waterfalls_02 Spas_&_Waterfalls_03 Spas_&_Waterfalls_04 Spas_&_Waterfalls_05 Spas_&_Waterfalls_06 Spas_&_Waterfalls_07 Spas_&_Waterfalls_08 Spas_&_Waterfalls_09 Spas_&_Waterfalls_10 Spas_&_Waterfalls_11 Spas_&_Waterfalls_12 Spas_&_Waterfalls_13 Spas_&_Waterfalls_14 Spas_&_Waterfalls_15 Spas_&_Waterfalls_16 Spas_&_Waterfalls_17 Spas_&_Waterfalls_18 Spas_&_Waterfalls_19 Spas_&_Waterfalls_20 Spas_&_Waterfalls_21 Spas_&_Waterfalls_22 Spas_&_Waterfalls_23 Spas_&_Waterfalls_24 Spas_&_Waterfalls_25 Spas_&_Waterfalls_26 Spas_&_Waterfalls_27 Spas_&_Waterfalls_28 Spas_&_Waterfalls_29 Spas_&_Waterfalls_30 Fountain-Day Fountain-Night Spas_&_Waterfalls_31 Spas_&_Waterfalls_32 Spas_&_Waterfalls_33 Spas_&_Waterfalls_34 Spas_&_Waterfalls_35 Spas_&_Waterfalls_36 Spas_&_Waterfalls_37 Spas_&_Waterfalls_38 Spas_&_Waterfalls_39 Spas_&_Waterfalls_40 Spas_&_Waterfalls_41 Spas_&_Waterfalls_42 Spas_&_Waterfalls_43 Spas_&_Waterfalls_44 Spas_&_Waterfalls_45 Spas_&_Waterfalls_46 Spas_&_Waterfalls_47 Spas_&_Waterfalls_48 Spas_&_Waterfalls_49 Spas_&_Waterfalls_50 Spas_&_Waterfalls_51 Spas_&_Waterfalls_52 Spas_&_Waterfalls_53 Spas_&_Waterfalls_54 Spas_&_Waterfalls_55 Spas_&_Waterfalls_56 Spas_&_Waterfalls_57 Spas_&_Waterfalls_58 Spas_&_Waterfalls_59 Spas_&_Waterfalls_60 Spas_&_Waterfalls_61 Spas_&_Waterfalls_62 Spas_&_Waterfalls_63 Spas_&_Waterfalls_64 Spas_&_Waterfalls_65 Spas_&_Waterfalls_66 Spas_&_Waterfalls_67 Spas_&_Waterfalls_68 Spas_&_Waterfalls_69 Spas_&_Waterfalls_70 Spas_&_Waterfalls_71 Spas_&_Waterfalls_72 Spas_&_Waterfalls_73 Spas_&_Waterfalls_74 Spas_&_Waterfalls_75 Spas_&_Waterfalls_76 Spas_&_Waterfalls_77 Spas_&_Waterfalls_78 Spas_&_Waterfalls_79 Spas_&_Waterfalls_80 Spas_&_Waterfalls_81 Spas_&_Waterfalls_82 Spas_&_Waterfalls_83 Spas_&_Waterfalls_84 Spas_&_Waterfalls_85 lightbox gallery tutorialby v6.1