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Pool, Spa and Water Feature Restoration and Renovation

Pool Renovation is one of our specialties.

Old or decaying swimming pools are dangerous and an eyesore. Renovation with
modern materials, techniques and designs can restore the beauty, functionality and value of an old pool.

CRYSTAL POOL & SPA specializes in swimming pool renovations.
◙ Whether the old pool is vinyl or concrete, we can replace it with a custom designed vinyl or gunite pool and spa.
◙ The footprint and shape of the old pool is not a limiting factor. We will design and build a modern attractive pool/spa which is comparable to a totally new pool installation... based on your design “dream” and our expert custom design capabilities.
◙ You can see an example of an extreme renovation in the slide show below, and you can read about the homeowner's experience in his own words, in the “Watkins Letter” in the Customer Testimonials.

A Total Re-Construction of the Watkins Pool  is shown below.
Use the controls to advance or go back, or to pause/run the automatic slide show.

  • Before Restoration
  • Clean-up Started
  • New Pool Walls
  • Overflow Spa
  • Filled with Water
  • Grading
  • Finished Pool
  • Cool Deck
  • Landscaped and Complete
Before Restoration1 Clean-up Started2 New Pool Walls3 Overflow Spa4 Filled with Water5 Grading6 Finished Pool7 8 Cool Deck9 Landscaped and Complete10