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Pool & Spa Lighting

  • Pool & Landscape LightingCreating A Beautiful Scene In Twilight
  • Pool LightingPerfect Atmosphere For An Evening Dinner
  • Pool & Bar LightingSwim By The Waterfalls To The Bar At The Pool's End
  • Awesome Pool & Bar LightingEnough Said!
  • Pool & Spa LightingJust Right For A Night Swim
  • Spa, Cave & Pool LightingMysterious, Yet Grand
  • Pool, Spa & Landscaping LightingAn Inviting Scene
Pool & Landscape Lighting1 Pool Lighting2 Pool & Bar Lighting3 Awesome Pool & Bar Lighting4 Pool & Spa Lighting5 Spa, Cave & Pool Lighting6 Pool, Spa & Landscaping Lighting7

Examples of Our
Pool & Spa Lighting

Pool Lighting adds the finishing touch to your pool and spa.The nighttime experience in and around your pool and spa more than doubles the pleasure and value you’ll get from them. Pool lighting provides visual impact as well as many safety features.

CRYSTAL POOL & SPA installs only low voltage LED and Fiber Optic lighting in all of our pools. This technique creates a pleasant atmosphere with its variable colors. Colored perimeter lighting around the pool and spa, and matching interior lighting, are some of the unique features of LED and Fiber Optic pool lighting. It defines the edges of the pool in the dark, and with it's stationary or automatic changing colors, you can create the mood you want. Since there are no underwater light bulbs or electricity in the pool, safety and maintenance are greatly enhanced.

Here are examples of our Custom Pool, Spa and Water Feature Lighting...
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Pool_Lighting_01 Pool_Lighting_02 Pool_Lighting_03 Pool_Lighting_04 Pool_Lighting_05 Pool_Lighting_06 Pool_Lighting_07 Pool_Lighting_08 Pool_Lighting_09 Pool_Lighting_10 Pool_Lighting_11 Pool_Lighting_12 Pool_Lighting_13 Pool_Lighting_14 Pool_Lighting_15 Pool_Lighting_16 Pool_Lighting_17 Pool_Lighting_18 Pool_Lighting_19 Pool_Lighting_20 Pool_Lighting_21 Pool_Lighting_22 Pool_Lighting_23 Pool_Lighting_24 Fountain-Night Pool_Lighting_25 Pool_Lighting_26 Pool_Lighting_27 Pool_Lighting_28 Pool_Lighting_29 Pool_Lighting_30 Pool_Lighting_31 Pool_Lighting_32 Pool_Lighting_33 Pool_Lighting_34 Pool_Lighting_35 Pool_Lighting_36 Pool_Lighting_37 Pool_Lighting_38 Pool_Lighting_39 Pool_Lighting_40 Pool_Lighting_41 Pool_Lighting_42 Pool_Lighting_43 Pool_Lighting_44 Pool_Lighting_45 Pool_Lighting_46 Pool_Lighting_47 Pool_Lighting_48 Pool_Lighting_49 Pool_Lighting_50 Pool_Lighting_51 Pool_Lighting_52 Pool_Lighting_53 Pool_Lighting_54 Pool_Lighting_55 Pool_Lighting_56 Pool_Lighting_57 Pool_Lighting_58 Pool_Lighting_59 Pool_Lighting_60 Pool_Lighting_61 Pool_Lighting_62 Pool_Lighting_63 Pool_Lighting_64 Pool_Lighting_65 Pool_Lighting_66 Pool_Lighting_67 Pool_Lighting_68 Pool_Lighting_69 lightbox gallery tutorialby v6.1