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Light Shows

  • Pool & Landscape LightingCreating A Beautiful Scene In Twilight
  • Pool LightingPerfect Atmosphere For An Evening Dinner
  • Pool & Bar LightingSwim By The Waterfalls To The Bar At The Pool's End
  • Awesome Pool & Bar LightingEnough Said!
  • Pool & Spa LightingJust Right For A Night Swim
  • Spa, Cave & Pool LightingMysterious, Yet Grand
  • Pool, Spa & Landscaping LightingAn Inviting Scene
Pool & Landscape Lighting1 Pool Lighting2 Pool & Bar Lighting3 Awesome Pool & Bar Lighting4 Pool & Spa Lighting5 Spa, Cave & Pool Lighting6 Pool, Spa & Landscaping Lighting7

The Magic of Pool Lighting

Pool and Spa lighting bring a whole new dimension to your nighttime outdoor living experience.

There are a wide range of lighting colors available, and they can be static or changing.

Below are some examples of the beauty and ambiance created by dynamic changing waterfall and pool lighting colors.

This gradual changing waterfall lighting sequence repeats after approximately 30 seconds... watch and enjoy!

  • Kang-5887-070822
  • Kang-5877-070822
  • Kang-5878-070822
  • Kang-5878a-070822
  • Kang-5880-070822
  • Kang-5882-070822
  • Kang-5884-070822
  • Kang-5885-070822

This smooth changing pool lighting sequence repeats after approximately 25 seconds... watch and enjoy!

  • Zenna-1_6580_060809
  • Zenna-1_6581_060809
  • Zenna-1_6582_060809
  • Zenna-1_6585_060809
  • Zenna-1_6589_060809
  • Zenna-1_6591_060809
  • Zenna-1_6601_060809